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Darren Dixon is the founder and CEO of Fyxify, a software platform for the home services industry that connects consumers and contractors. He describes Fyxify as “the most energy-efficient software in the world” because the company’s vision is to address the problem of global warming by equipping homeowners and service providers with the information they need to handle home maintenance in an energy-efficient way. This vision permeates everything they do at Fyxify, from sales to hiring to customer experience. If you are a CEO who wants to build your company around a strong vision, you will want to tune into this Sales Talk for CEOs episode to learn about how Fyxify is standing out in this area, and how you can too.



Darren Dixon, a leader in the #homeservices industry and #CEO of @FyxifyPro, joins Sales Talk for CEOs to discuss casting the #vision for your #sales team!


In this episode, Darren discusses the CEO’s role in sales as being the person in charge of the company’s vision. He explains how the CEO needs to communicate this vision clearly and consistently to the sales team and check their understanding by “inspecting what you expect” instead of assuming. Darren and I also discuss the importance of creating a reputation (online and offline) that reflects your vision and values, and we touch on how you can attract the right people to your business when your mission permeates the workplace too. This episode is for CEOs who want to get more strategic with their company vision and use it to drive sales, hiring, operations, and the customer experience. Listen in now!

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Sales Talk for CEOs: Casting the Vision for the Sales Team with Darren Dixon (S2:E7) – Alice Heiman

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