Four Reasons Why HVAC Contractors Should Be Texting Their Customers

Done right, business texting builds trust with customers

(As published in ACHR News on August 8, 2022)

Texting is weird. It can be invasive, overwhelming, and sometimes even a little creepy. But literally everyone does it. And while all of the ways texting is detrimental to society can be argued, when it comes to a business using texting, it can increase efficiency, company growth, customer engagement, and even help with the labor shortage. However, some businesses have yet to understand the benefits.

What’s Texting Got To Do With It?

When it comes to texting with customers, Raechel Duplain, head of solutions marketing at Podium, a cloud-based marketing and communication software company for local businesses, said there are four big reasons why she feels texting is important for businesses to do:

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